Veteran’s Day sale at Air Force Thrift Store – 50 percent off Air Force and Navy uniforms

By Joseph P. Cirone

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Public Affairs


WASHINGTON – The Air Force Officers Wives Club (AFOWC) Thrift Store at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) announced a Veteran’s Day sale with prices as low as 50 percent off. 

In honor of America’s heroes, the thrift shop is reducing prices to unprecedented lows. 

“We typically never put these items on sale because our prices are already so low, but we plan to make an exception all next week in honor of Veteran’s Day,” Annisa Chesnut, AFOWC second vice president said. 

The sale includes uniform clothing and boots, but does not include specialty marked items and uniforms accessories, such as belts, patches, hats and other items, according to Chesnut. 

“We have plenty of stock on hand,  with the exception of maternity sizes and we accept credit cards with a minimum $10 purchase,” she said. 

Run by volunteers, the shop, located at 13 Brookley Avenue (the same building that houses the JBAB Military and Family Service Support Center), is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Store profits and donations are used to support worthy causes. Chesnut said, “We are thrilled that we can support local military charities and college scholarships for military dependents every year.” 

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JBAB Commander statement 12:30 p.m. on Shelter Plans

JBAB Commander, Navy Capt. Anthony T. Calandra stated, “The storm surge, the rain and the exceptionally high tide combined, should not exceed the height of the JBAB leeve/seawall. If, however the Base experiences significant flooding, we will open several buildings on higher ground for temporary shelter.”

Calandra stated the announcements will be made via; (@jointbase); AtHoc  and Giant Voice.

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Navy, D.C. Firefighters work together rescuing three people trapped on Interstate

By Joseph P. Cirone

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Public Affairs


WASHINGTON – Three people trapped in an overturned sport utility vehicle on Interstate 295 were rescued by Navy and D.C. firefighters and taken to an area hospital.

Firefighters from Naval District Washington Fire and Emergency Services Department Central Battalion (NDW F&ES) and the District of Columbia Fire and EMS (D.C. FEMS) Department worked together to make the rescue.

NDW F&ES Battalion Chief John McDonald said while returning to the Battalion’s Headquarters at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) from the nearby Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) at 1:48 p.m. on Oct. 18, he came upon the overturned vehicle on the northbound side of I-295, between NRL and JBAB.

The crash appeared to have just occurred. Emergency crews had not yet been notified of the crash.

“The car was resting on the driver’s side over the embankment and into the woods. One person was hanging out of the half opened window; another was partially pinned under the seat and twisted in a seated position against the roof. The third was not visually or physically accessible,” McDonald said.

McDonald contacted D.C. FEMS and NDW F&ES dispatchers by radio to request assistance. NDW F&ES Engine Co. 43 and D.C. FEMS Rescue Co. 3 responded to the scene.

Together, the firefighters from both departments worked together for nearly 50 minutes to properly stabilize the vehicle from causing further injuries, treat the patients, cut and dismantle the automobile, by removing doors, windows and the roof from around the patients to safely extricate them and deliver them to the EMS units for further treatment and transport to area hospitals.

McDonald said, “The firefighters from both departments did an extraordinary job in the extrication and assisting in emergency medical issues.”

“As a result of the firefighter’s professionalism, training and ability to work hand in hand with each other under a unified incident management system, this extraction was completed in less than 50 minutes,” McDonald concluded.

JBAB Commander, Navy Capt. Anthony T. Calandra praised the firefighters efforts and said,”We are glad that we were in a position to help our neighbors during their time of need. We are proud to be partners in the D.C. community and to have helped potentially save lives.”

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Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling’s photostream


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JBAB Water Quality Reports

Click on the following links to access reports, memos and data concerning the water quality on base.

Anacostia Water Quality Memo

Bolling Water Quality Memo

Bolling Water Quality Report 2012

Anacostia Water Quality Report 2012

DC Water 2012 Annual Water Quality Report

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Emergency Preparedness for Federal Employees in the National Capital Region

Emergency Preparedness for Federal Employees

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Air Force participates in Navy exercise in D.C.

By Joseph P. Cirone

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Public Affairs

WASHINGTON – Air Force military personnel are among the people participating in this week’s naval exercise at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB), enhancing training and readiness at the base.

JBAB security personnel from the Air Force, along with Department of Defense Police and other security personnel at the base are taking part in Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2012.

The exercise at the military installation is part of a Navy-wide exercise that occurs annually to establish a realistic training and learning environment for personnel on the base to experience various scenarios and exercise functional plans and operational capabilities. The exercise is not in response to any specific threat or situation.

JBAB, and the mission units and partners from all five military branches as well as its civilian federal agency mission partners on the installation, is using the week-long exercise to help ensure the safety and security of the installation; its equipment and most importantly, the civilian and military personnel at the base and their families.

Beginning on March 19 and continuing around the clock until March 24, the exercise increases in complexity and adds more in-depth force protection measures, JBAB Anti-terrorism Officer Joshua Gage explained.

During routine times, security at the base in Southeast D.C. is through; during the exercise security is even more thorough.

Air Force medical personnel joined their security counterparts, along with JBAB’s Fire and Emergency Services personnel and law enforcement personnel from other agencies to respond to various scenarios.

JBAB’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated and is supporting exercise scenario related emergency operations at the installation. JBAB department heads and representatives from federal and military agencies located at the base staff the EOC to coordinate face-to-face and ensure that the adequate command, control, communications, and other support is afforded to the base’s incident commander, who is present at any scenario, and to ensure the safety and security of personnel at the base.

During the exercise, JBAB and its mission partners continue to perform their normal duties in support of the nation and its security, as well as respond to real-world situations, including medical emergencies, fire alarms and providing mutual assistance to the neighbouring community.

During the exercise Thursday, a Naval District Washington Fire and Emergency Services Hazardous Materials unit, stationed next to JBAB, was dispatched to a location in D.C. to render specialized assistance to D.C. Fire and EMS units.

Updated information about the exercise and its conduct can be found at and


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