CY 12 Pentagon/Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) Calendar

CY 12 Pentagon/Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) Calendar

All briefings/Seminars conducted at JBAB

Course Title         Course Number             Date                     Location        

NCO PE           Class 12-C                               8-10 May                     Stewart Theater/bldg 52

                           Class 12-D                               18-20 Jun                    Stewart Theater/bldg 52

                            Class 12-E                               7-9 Aug                       Stewart Theater/bldg 52

                           Class 12-F                                5-7 Nov                       Stewart Theater/bldg 52


SNCO PE           Class 12-A                               5-8 Mar                                    Stewart Theater

                               Class 12-B                               16-20 Jul                     Joint Base Andrews

                              Class 12-C                               8-11 Oct                      Stewart Theater 

Informed Decision   Class 12-C                               24 May                                    Bldg 11

                                            Class 12-D                               1 Jun                            Bldg 11

                                           Class 12-E                               21 Aug                         Bldg 11

                                           Class 12-F                                15 Oct                          Bldg 11


FTAC           Class 12-A          9-13 Jan               Stewart Theater                

                    Class 12-B                     23–27 Apr                   Stewart Theater

                    Class 12-C                               25–29 Jun                    Stewart Theater

                  Class 12-D                           27-31 Aug               Stewart Theater                                

          Class 12-E                          29 Oct-2 Nov               Stewart Theater


Airman PE                   Class 12-A                               7-8 Feb                       Bldg 11

                                    Class 12-B                               26-27 Sep                    Bldg 11

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