Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Exchange Makes Good Health its Business

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Exchange Makes Good Health its Business
By Amy Brandt
Army & Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs

Understanding that a large part of the military’s focus is on a fit mind and body to ensure top performance, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service values the importance of wellness.

To that end, the Exchange is feeding shoppers’ minds with information. Healthy nutrition options, fitness programs, family activities and overall wellness information are all just a click away through the Exchange’s “Operation Be Fit” website. offers tips for all members of the family, from novice to expert.

“Providing fitness and nutritional information is just one of the many ways the Exchange strives to meet the needs of shoppers,” said the JBAB Exchange’s General Manager Chris Holifield. “In addition to the myriad of online resources, the ‘Be Fit’ shop in the Exchange offers competitively priced athletic footwear, fitness gear, sporting goods and nutritional items all in one convenient location.”

Beyond lightening the strain on the wallet, the JBAB Exchange is also looking out for military families’ literal “bottom lines” with healthy eating options. Subway, Burger King and other Exchange restaurants have a wide array of nutritional facts available for diners to review to ensure they’re making healthy choices. Many even allow the substitution of a side salad or bottled water in lieu of fries or a soft drink.

Hungry shoppers looking to “fill up” at the JBAB Express also have wholesome snack choices as Exchange Snack Avenues offer six different fresh salad options, fruit cups and grab-pack sliced apples. The “Fresh Fruit” program delivers fresh bananas, apples, oranges, limes and lemons to Expresses as well.

“A strong mind and body are important to military members and their families,” said Holifield. “The JBAB Exchange’s healthy options are the perfect supplement for both conditioning efforts.”

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