Carpooling Opportunities now online & in Joint Base Journal

U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Anthony Koch

Tired of driving alone to JBAB? Want to help reduce the environmental and traffic impacts of single ocupant vehicles on the roadways? Want the ability to use an HOV lane?

 If you are willing to carpool with other personnel working at JBAB and have a vehicle for use or are willing to make arrangements with others to alternate driving, JBAB Public Affairs wants to hear from you.

As a service to personnel working at JBAB, we will list carpool opportunities in Joint Base Journal, on Facebook and Twitter, allowing personnel looking to participate as riders or drivers to contact each other.

JBAB is not responsible for making any arrangements nor do we assume any liability or other responsibility in any way. All arrangements are between individuals on a person to person basis. JBAB has not vetted, nor will we, any individuals participating in this effort as drivers or riders. It is suggested that individuals meet each other at JBAB to become comfortable with each other before making carpooling arrangements.

To request that your posting be used, send your name, telephone number and an e-mail (work e-mail preferred) with your departure meeting location/area (public parking lot or other public area) and time that you would meet riders as well as the time you would depart (pick up) riders for the return trip.

To protect individual privacy, postings will not include names or telephone numbers, but are needed to validate the posting request and obtain additional information, if needed.

For more information contact the JBAB Public Affairs Office at 202-767-4781.  To submit a request for a posting/notice offering to be a driver, send the request to:

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