The Importance of Summer Safety

A message from the Commandant, Naval District Washington, Rear Adm. Patrick J. Lorge 


Summer is upon us and so is the start of our summer safety initiatives and hurricane season precautionary measures. With the warm weather having finally arrived, many of our Navy workforce, Sailors, and their families will be taking vacations to the beach, the great outdoors, or just to their own backyards for a summer barbecue.  While I encourage you to be active and enjoy your summer, it is also important to remember the risks associated with these activities.  The good news is that there are simple summer safety recommendations that can help you mitigate these risks.


This year’s 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign, which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, emphasizes safety and the well being of our entire Navy community. The campaign focuses on safety issues related to all sorts of summer activities.  The Naval Safety Center‘s (NAVSAFECEN) summer campaign, known as “Live to Play, Play to Live,” also reinforces positive things sailors and their families can do to have fun this summer.  NAVSAFECEN has presentations, booklets, videos, and other materials to help you and your families plan for a safe summer.  These tools can be downloaded at 


Not only do I encourage you to take extra precaution in keeping safe during the summer months, but I also urge everyone to prepare for natural disasters that could impact the region during hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30.


As your Commandant, my best advice is to stay alert, be prepared, and have a plan. There are many keys to survival before, during, and after a storm. The Navy has many great resources to guide you and your families on how to prepare and weather the storm. One of these tools is the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment (NFAAS), which is used to account for all Sailors and their family members during and after a natural disaster.  Be sure your NFAAS data is current before an emergency arrives. To review and update NFAAS, please visit


Your safety and well being are my top priority. Every single one of you plays a vital role in carrying out our mission and we need to ensure that you take every precaution to take care of yourselves and your families this vacation season. Let’s enjoy the summer safely and take care of our workforce, Sailors, and Navy families to help make this summer and hurricane season mishap free

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