Alert drivers avert holiday season tragedy; Three Airmen nearly struck by cars

Approximately 6 a.m. this morning, two alert drivers were forced to suddenly stop short at the crosswalk just inside the Arnold gate in order to narrowly avoid hitting three Airmen crossing against the traffic light at the intersection.

The driver’s action nearly resulted in a rear-end collision, but prevented the injuring of the Airmen and the potential for an unhappy start of the Airmen’s holiday season.

In spite of a green light for vehicular traffic and a red light for pedestrian traffic, the Airmen crossed the street and headed toward Bldg. P-20, as cars in the first two traffic lanes slammed on their brakes.

Pedestrians – Drivers cannot easily see you during periods of darkness or reduced visibility

Pedestrians are reminded to not only cross at crosswalks, but also remember that in the darkness of winter’s early mornings and evenings, drivers cannot easily see, especially pedestrians not wearing reflective clothing, safety belts or lights.

Walking against traffic signals (i.e., red lights) and in areas other than at crosswalks is highly ill-advised and can result in unnecessary vehicle collisions, serious injury or worse. Use common sense and only cross where and when it is safe. It’s your life at stake!

If you are with another person, be a good shipmate, wingman or battle buddy and speak up before continuing with an unsafe or potentially dangerous evolution or situation.

Drivers – Use extreme caution; expect the unexpected

Drivers are urged to continue using extreme caution especially while transiting the installation during periods of darkness or weather-caused reduced visibility. Expect the unexpected and unanticipated from pedestrians and other drivers.

Help keep the holiday season a safe and happy one. Think before crossing. Stay alert while driving.

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