How you can help in the Great JBAB Cookie Caper – It’s worth the Dough!

JBAB is helping bring a little bit of home to the military members living in our dorms. You can help!

Hundreds of military members would much appreciate the smell and taste of cookies to help usher in the holiday season.

Thousands of cookies are needed to help bring some joy to our dorm residents.

Please consider voluntarily using some flour and dough to prepare your favorite cookies or use some of the other kind of dough to provide your store bought favorites for our dorm residents. (If you make you own, yet even get to lick the spoon – yummy!)

Drop off your donations (preferably in plastic bags to preserve their freshness):

By Dec. 15 at Bldg. P-20, Suite 300 (9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
On Dec. 16 at the Bolling Club Lounge (9 a.m.-Noon)

The cookies will be delivered during the afternoon on Dec. 16.

To pledge your donation or for more information, contact:

202-404-6459 or 202-767-7406

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